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This relief map of the Bullecourt battleground in France (today) shows the attack of the 4th and 12th brigades on 11 April, 1916. Also shown are the German trenches and final positions of the tanks during the battle, including the tank that broke down on top of the 48th battalion headquarters. It is shown as a small bump on the horizon on the left of the railway embankment on the photograph of Bullecourt in 1917, which appears in Hard Jacka.

Bullecourt. This monument to Australian soldiers stands at the highest
point of OG2, the German trench line that was captured in April 1917.

This photograph of the field across which the 4th and 12th brigades charged at Bullecourt on 11 April, 1917 was taken by the author at the railway embankment at the point near the ‘12’ of the ’12 Bde’ on the map shown on page 237 of ‘Hard Jacka’. The embankment rises to the left and has a tree growing on it today. In front of the trees on the horizon at right can be seen the depression in which the Wurttemberger defenders held out against the Australian attack.

Mr Jean Letaille, owner of the Bullecourt Museum, holds the barrel of
Lt Davies’ tank, No. 799, which was destroyed by the Germans during the battle in April 1917.

Bullecourt Museum: shovels, horseshoes and corkscrew supports.
The latter were screwed into the ground silently at night to
hold up the wire entanglements.

Bullecourt Museum: Lewis gun lanterns and artillery shells.

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