Hard Jacka

14 August, 2007 Launch ‘Hard Jacka’ by Professor Geoffrey Blainey

Professor Geoffrey Blainey launched ‘Hard Jacka’, the first novel written about Albert Jacka VC, by Michael Lawriwsky, on 14 August 2007 in the boardroom of The Allen Consulting Group at 60 Collins Street, Melbourne.

The launch was attended by about 70 people, including several of Albert Jacka’s relatives and descendants, and relatives and descendants of other men of the 14th Battalion First AIF. A collection of 14th Battalion and other First AIF memorabilia was displayed on the night by Mr Andrew Ray, adding to the commemorative atmosphere.

Relatives and descendants at the launch - left to right:
Peter Wanliss (second cousin of Cpt Harold Wanliss), Tom Wanliss (first cousin of Cpt Harold Wanliss), Andrew Ray (nephew of Cpt. Joseph Mackay), Ken Jacka (nephew of Cpt Albert Jacka), Chris DeAraugo (grandson of Lt Steve DeAraugo), Lauren Jacka (great granddaughter of Cpt Bill Jacka), Stuart Anderson (grandson of Cpt Fred Anderson), Andrea Jacka (great granddaughter of Cpt Bill Jacka), Jason LaMacchia (great grandnephew of Albert Jacka), Bill Jacka (grandson of Cpt Bill Jacka), Chris Waters (President Descendants of 14th Battalion Association, grandson of Cpl Vincent Lacon).

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