Hard Jacka

Places and Institutions mentioned in HARD JACKA

Adelaide, South Australia
Albert, France
Alexandria, Egypt
American Legion’s Club, Los Angeles
Anzac Cove, Gallipoli
Arles, France
Armentieres, France
Ararat, Victoria
Australian Gas Light Company
Avignon, France
Baillieul, France
Baldernock, Scotland
Ballarat, Victoria
Ballarat College
‘Ballarat Star’, Ballarat
Bathurst, New South Wales
‘Battle of Brisbane’
7th Battalion, First AIF
13th Battalion, First AIF
14th Battalion, First AIF
15th Battalion, First AIF
16th Battalion, First AIF
19th Battalion, First AIF
23rd Battalion, First AIF
26th Battalion, First AIF
28th Battalion, First AIF
48th Battalion, First AIF
Bay St., Brighton, Melbourne
Behagnies, France
Bethanga, Victoria
Bois Grenier, France
Boulogne, France
3rd Brigade, First AIF
4th Brigade, First AIF
12th Brigade, First AIF
Behagnies, France
Bendigo, Victoria
Birkit District, Cairo
Black Watch
Bolton, Lancashire
British Museum, London
British Navy
Broodseinde Ridge, Belgium
Buangor Mill, Victoria
Buckingham Palace, London
Buckley’s Cave, Point Lonsdale
Bullecourt, France
Cairo, Egypt
Caulfield Military Repatriation Hospital
Camberwell, Melbourne
Candas, France
Canna, Scotland
Carlton Football Club
Carrunga, Victoria
Castlemaine, Victoria
Citadel, Cairo
China Wall, The (France)
Cloncurry, Queensland
Collins St., Melbourne
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Colossus of Rhodes
Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration
Confederate army
Continental Hotel, Cairo
Courtney’s Post, Gallipoli
Cowwarr, Victoria
Darling Street, Footscray
Department of Forests, Victoria
1st Division, First AIF
2nd Division, First AIF
4th Division, First AIF
7th Division, Second AIF
27th Division, US Army
Domart, France
Donald, Victoria
Duntroon Military Academy
Durrant’s Post, Gallipoli
East St. Kilda, Melbourne
Eigg, Scotland
Elmhurst, Victoria
Emu Valley, Bullecourt
Erskine Falls, Victoria
Essendon, Melbourne
Ezbekiya Gardens, Cairo
Fitzroy, Melbourne
Flers, France
Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Flying Corps
Footscray, Melbourne
Fort Rompu, France
Fort William, Scotland
Freemantle, Western Australia
Geelong, Victoria
Geelong College
Geelong Road, Footscray
Gippsland, Victoria
Glasgow, Scotland
Glenrowan, Victoria
Gourmier Farm, France
Great Australian Bight
Great Pyramids, Egypt
Grundy, Lt.
Hamel, Battle of
10th Hampshire Regiment
Herring’s Post, Gallipoli
‘HMS Hampshire’
Hastings, Victoria
Hawkesbury Agricultural College, NSW
Hill 60, Gallipoli
Hill 92, Gallipoli
Hill 100, Gallipoli
Hill 971, Gallipoli
Indian Brigade
Inner Hebrides, Scotland
Isle of Skye
Kaiajik Dere, Gallipoli
Kaiajik Aghala, Gallipoli
Keiberg, Belgium
Kyanga, Victoria
Lardner, Victoria
League of Nations
Lemnos Island
Lille, France
Linden Hall Hotel, London
London, England
Lorne, Victoria
Lyons, France
Macquarie St., Sydney
Mallaig, Scotland
Mametz, France
Marseilles, France
Maryborough, Queensland
Mediterranean Sea
Melbourne, Victoria
Melbourne High School
Metropolitan Gas Company, Melbourne
Messines, Belgium
Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo
Monash Valley, Gallipoli
Mory, France
Mouquet Farm, France
Muck, Scotland
Murchison River, Western Australia
Naours, France
New Hotel, Cairo
New York, USA
Newport, Melbourne
New Zealand
Noreuil Valley, France
Notre Dame de Brebieres, Church of
Orkney Isles
Otway Ranges, Victoria
Otway River, Victoria
Otway, HMS
Oxford University, England
Paris, France
Perth, Western Australia
Perthshire, Scotland
Pitt St., Sydney
Polygon Wood, Belgium
Point Lonsdale, Victoria
Port Adelaide, South Australia
Port Melbourne, Victoria
Portsmouth, England
Pozieres, France
231st Prussian Reserve Infantry Regiment
Queenscliff, Victoria
Ribemont, France
Riencourt, France
Rum, Scotland
Sausage Valley, Pozieres
St.Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne
Shepheards Hotel, Cairo
Shepparton, Victoria
Serapeum, Egypt
Seymour, Victoria
Sh. Ibrahim Pasha Boulevard, Cairo
Sinai desert, Egypt
Smith, Lt.Col.
Somme River, France
South Australia
2nd South Lancashire Regiment
State Electricity Commission of Victoria
Station Hotel, Mallaig
St. George’s Presbyterian Church
St. Kilda Football Club
St Pancras Station, London
Stock Exchange
Stoney Creek, Victoria
Suvla Bay, Turkey
Suez Canal, Egypt
Swansea, South Wales
Sydney, NSW
Taff’s Well, Wales
Tarascon, France
Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt
Teutonic Knights
Third London General Hospital
Tipperary Club, Cairo
Tokyo Earthquake, Great
Toongabbie, Victoria
Toorak, Melbourne
Townsville, Queensland
‘SS Transylvania’
Trinity College, Cambridge
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture
Victoria Valley, Victoria
Victorian Forest Department
Vienna, Austria
Villers Bretonneux, France
Wangaratta, Victoria
Warragul, Victoria
Wazzir, Cairo
Wanliss Gully, Gallipoli
Warloy, France
Wedderburn, Victoria
Western Australia
2/7 West Yorkshire
2/8 West Yorkshire
Wotan Switch Line, Bullecourt
Yilgarn, Western Australia
Ypres, Belgium
Zeitoun, Cairo
Zonnebeke, Belgium

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