Hard Jacka

Polygon Wood

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Aerial view of Polygon Wood battlefield today, showing movements of the 14th Battalion

The apex of Polygon Wood today, which was the German view on 26th September 1917. The house to the right lies in the path taken by the 15th Battalion, with the 14th and 16th battalions advancing to the right of them (taking this view) out of the picture. The road twisting around to the right in the foreground is where the ‘Red Line’ was located in the Battle of Polygon Wood on that day (shown on page 337 of ‘Hard Jacka’). Therefore, we are standing near the kink in the road next the letter ‘L’ on that map, looking south-west.

Beyond Polygon Wood today. Taken from the apex of Polygon Wood looking at the German positions. The machinegun that pinned down the 14th Battalion for a time was located in this field to the left of the steel tower (ahead of the 15th Battalion’s position).

Remains of one of the German pill-boxes that still populate the wooded area of Polygon Wood.

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