Hard Jacka


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The Windmill at Pozieres was a German blockhouse during the Great War. From the mound looking out 300 metres to the left (in the direction of the white house and clump of tress) one can see the spot where Albert Jacka led his extraordinary charge against a numerically far superior German force on 7 August, 1916, which became known as the Battle of Pozieres Ridge.

Inscription on the stone at the Windmill monument:
“The ruin of Pozieres Windmill which lies here was the centre of the struggle in this part of the Somme battlefield, in July and August 1916. It was captured on August 4th by Australian troops who fell more thickly on this ridge than on any other battlefield of the war.”

Map of Pozieres
Courtesy of Geoff Crapper

Memorials to three of the men who participated in Albert Jacka's counter-attack at Pozieres
Courtesy of Geoff Crapper

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